Effect of soybean flour (Glycine max) and its inhibitors enzyme on endogenous protease activity in surimi-like gel elaborated with jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) during the storage at 4°C and 10ºC / Efecto de la harina de soya (Glycine max) y sus inhibidores enzimáticos sobre la actividad de proteasas endógenas en un gel tipo surimi elaborado de calamar gigante (Dosidicus gigas) durante el almacenamiento a 4°C y 10°C

Hugo Minor-Pérez


Jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) is a marine product abundant in the Pacific shores of Mexico.  It has high endogenous protease activity that affects gellation process and may to increase its deterioration during storage of muscle mantle fresh or processed.  Enzyme inhibitors from soybean may to contribute to the biological regulation of this endogenous alkaline protease.  Changes in proteolytic activity during the storage at 4ºC and 10ºC were studied in a model system of alkaline enzyme extracts of mantle muscle and enzyme inhibitors extracts.  Surimi-like gel (SLG) elaborated with myofibrillar proteins from muscle mantle and soybean flour was also analyzed.  Significant reduction (P<0.05) of proteolytic activity was observed in model system and SLG for both temperatures.  During storage time lowest values were 14.3 AU/mg (4ºC, 192 h) and 6.90 AU/mg (10ºC, 120 h) with the treatments of 30 mg/mL protein of enzyme inhibitors extracts/70 mg/mL protein of enzyme extracts and 77.80 AU/mg (4ºC, 144 h) and 80 AU/mg (10ºC, 72 h) for SLG elaborated using 50 g soybean flour (dry base) and 50 g myofibrillar protein (wet base).  These results showed feasible to use soybean flour as a source of proteolytic inhibitors in surimi-like gels from jumbo squid during the storage at refrigeration conditions and temperature abuse conditions.

Palabras clave

enzyme inhibitors, jumbo squid, proteolytic activity, surimi-like gel.


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